Commercial Development Company

Through our developments, Baldovin Development Company has built strong relationships with a diversified group of investors, top-performing real estate agents, legal counselors, city officials, public works coordinators, and financial experts in and around the Peoria area. These relationships and our extensive experience have yielded a core set of systems which help guide us through in-depth market analyses projecting risks and rewards, anticipating future trends, and targeting investments with high return on investment and low volatility. Our development team adheres to an efficient, defined process for reviewing prospective building acquisitions and purchases, addressing existing contextual considerations, and evaluating construction costs. These systems always prioritize investor returns over proprietary returns.

Though we are highly disciplined in these proven systems, our team also bubbles over with creativity and excitement for every project like it was the first. We freely discuss imaginative, out-of-the-box design ideas and innovative ways of bringing vibrancy and vitality to our development visions.

Our diligent attention to detail, along with our dynamic vision, translates into exciting projects that consistently perform economically, socially, and aesthetically. Our proven track record has made us a key player in the redevelopment effort in our community.

Development Investing

We are proud of the partnerships we have built within our expanding investment group. Baldovin Developments offer incredibly competitive return on investments, while always prioritizing investor returns over proprietary gains. Interested investors, contact Casey Baldovin at (309) 696 – 9531.

Development Services Offered

Development Planning & Management

Development Vision, Strategy, Pro Forma, and Financing

Acquisition Negotiations

Syndication & Structuring


TIF Redevelopment Agreements

Investment Management & Investor Consultations

Budget Management & Value Engineering

Strategic Planning